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A message apears when open x-plane and it says:

Loading Navigational data Failed:

Non-standard files found in Resources/default data/ folder. You probably meant to install a navigation data update from Navigraph or Aerosoft, but that needs to go into the Custom Data/ folder!

Which files does that mean?!
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My xplane has been crashing since I updated my AIRAC to 1812. It would crash before startup.  I restored the 1811 and it allowed me to get the flight config page.  As soon as I hit start flight it crashes.  Here is my log file.  Anybody, please help.


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Do you have the new X-Plane 11.30 Beta 6? I have noticed that the CIFP navdata found for free from the FAA doesn't work on the newest beta, but did work on X-Plane 11.26 release. I believe that this is a bug that the X-Plane developers need to fix, because I've been updating my navdata for months and it stopped working when I updated to 11.30. For now, I fly on X-Plane 11.26r2 with no problems. For now, I would just say revert back to X-Plane 11.26r2. You can uncheck "Check for Beta Updates" in the X-Plane 11 updater and update X-Plane 11. This should be a temporary fix until Laminar Research fixes the problem.

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