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I own an Apple iMac with 4GB of Ram and a 2.5 GHz or close to processor but only have a video card with 512 mb of VRAM will the full version of XPlane 10 work or not ? I am currently using the demo and it works fine :) Thanks Lachlan

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Hi Lachlan

If you began to add 3rd party aircraft and highly detailed scenery, All bets are off and now VRAM will become an issue. Also if you make the rendering settings any higher, you will struggle big time. What are your current settings?

As for your RAM, you are going to experience VAS issues and that is going to be an issue as well. Aim to get at least 8

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Hi Rishi,


Thanks for the response so quickly !!! My current settings are as follows:

- 15 frames per second

- 320 px

- All settings to minimum :)

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Man, your iMac is struggling big time. You should consider an upgrade of your GPU, RAM.

Processor is the minimum.

Have you considered a custom PC?

My spec for a baseline :

GTX 970 4gb VRAM

I7 4770k @3.5 ghz

16 gb RAM

650 watt PSU

Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler

I get 30-35 FPS on medium settings with clouds at 10%

Tested with Triple 7 Worldliner and stock aircraft