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i want to get in to flight simulation and therefore want to buy a decent flight yoke to get started.

does the Logitech pro flight control yoke works with xplane 11 in a plug and play like ?

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Hi oranmor9,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The logitech yoke is one of the cheaper models available on the market these days.  Many flight simmers use it.  I have one.  If you become a serious flight simmer then you many venture towards more expensive units.  

Have a look at the following youtube link produced by Michael Brown from XForcePC. The link can be found at   Michael build PCs predominantly suitable for  X-plane.  Laminar Research recommends this company as the sole PC supplier in the USA for X-Plane PCs

In the video Michael shows the installation of the  CH Products yoke (alternative to Logitech).  Follow the installation information/instructions provided by Michael otherwise your system won't work.  This will also apply to the Logitech unit.

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