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This problem is similar to https://questions.x-plane.com/19837/windows-installer-hangs-during-download 
Been trying to install X-plane11 from the installer file. 
I enter the key, the installation starts and everything is fine.
Then, comes an error that authentication cannot be completed(screenshot) in the server. I dont know why this happens because rest of the internet works just fine (although its a university network.).
At this stage i cant even continue the installation, I click on the button but nothing happens.
Please help!!
No log file is generated(screenshot).

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Oftentimes, workplace or school networks require entering additional information in the installer settings "Network Proxy Host" field. You would need to find that information out from the administration.

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Hey, thanks for responding.
I think I forgot to mention that my installer do starts. But, in the mid way, authentication issue occurs.
I even cut off my firewall loose but still, to no avail.
By the way, thanks for the screenshot, I really didnt know that, its very much appreciated.
I hope we can resolve this issue, it will be a really big big help.


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