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I have been flying the default XPlane 11 Cessna 172 to fly ILS approaches into the ORBX Southampton scenery.  RWY 20 is a Cat 1 runway so the ILS/VOR1 should show both the runway axis and glide slope.  It doesn't show the glide slope at all - the needle does not move no matter how high or low I am on approach.  The runway axis needle says to fly left when it should say to fly right.  I have tried to fly at Newcastle; neither needle works, nor do they work at Seattle (RWY 34C).  In all cases I have used the NAV1 frequency quoted by XP.

Also, my Saitek radio panel only works intermittently - sometimes on, sometimes off.

But, when I have tried Liverpool and Gatwick, the needles behave as they should.  The ADF/NDB gauge works properly at all airports.

How can I make the ILS gauge work properly?

Thank you.

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