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Hi there,

I am looking to move to X-Plane after many years of FSX and more recently P3D.

My questions are how similar or different is the use of X-Plane to P3D?

1) Can all controls be configured like in P3D, such as common keys like G for gear up/down, F6/F7 for Flaps etc?

2) What about adding aircraft and scenery?

3) In terms of realism, can this be tweaked to get the basic feel of X-Plane without having to apply rudder until it feels comfortable to do so?

4) The replay option, is this easy to use? I'd love to get back to making sim videos.

Feel free to leave any more comments on things you might think will benefit me.

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1. Yes

2. Aircrafts and sce ery may be added  very easily, simpler than with p3d

3. I do not completely understand the question - i don't know

4. Replay not as easy as with p3d. Making videos is very easy.