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I have just purchased X-Plane 10 in the last 6 weeks, now I see X-Plane 11 is available, is the jump from 10 to 11 worth doing?


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You missed at least one year of X-Plane 11! smiley X-Plane 11 is nice if you got the hardware to run it. Why not try the demo and decide yourself?

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Hi Pete

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

From my personal point of view, X-Plane 11 is far superior to X-Plane 10 in so many ways, that it would be worth every penny to make the jump from one to the other!

Please remember though, that X-Plane 11 is very system hungry, so you will have to make sure that your PC/Laptop is capable of handling it. More information on system requirements can be found at this link :-

In addition, the two versions are very different and are also not compatible with one another, so you will have to remove the X-Plane 10 file structure completely from your computer and make a clean install of X-Plane 11 from scratch.

The best way to purchase X-Plane 11 is to digitally download it from LR's website (assuming that you have a reasonably fast internet connection?) and further information on this can be found here :-

If not, then purchase LR's DVD set (again assuming that your PC has a built in DVD ROM device?).

Do not be tempted to purchase from Steam or any other 3rd party, as you will experience a lot of difficulty getting technical support from them later, if needs be?

Hope this helps for now, but if you require any further clarification, please ask via this post?


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I think you should do it IT IS WORTH IT!

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Hi Pete,

I answered some of your earlier forum postings regarding airports in Australia.

I take it you have now  invested in a new windows based PC?

Take the advice from Paul (Greengolfer15) and go for a digital download but you need to be connected to the internet at all times as the software does a "silent check" to ascertain you are running a legal copy and or not running two versions at the same time.

If as Paul has suggested you chose a disc version the official licensed copy in Australia is from Aerosoft.  I can provide you with details of 2 businesses in Brisbane that sell the software.  Send me a private message if you need the details.

Good luck

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Thanks Paul & Glenn,

Yea, I did take the plunge. The decision wasn't all that hard really  laugh

I got the Digital Download directly.....   after finding the correct link. Kept on sending me to 'Stream'.

OK, the big issue now is to upgrade the PC.  It's an old 2012 iMac with SSD and 16G RAM, but it struggles a bit, specially when there is cloud around.

So, I think before I make the move to 11, I need to build up a decent PC based computer.

Thanks heaps for the guidance.