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I have an ASUS ROG GL502V with NVIDIA 1070 graphics card! The laptop has a 256G SSD and 1TB HDD....any idea whether xplane 11 needs to be dowloaded on either the SSD or HDD for the graphics card to work? Does it work with both drives? Does downloading xplane 11 onto SSD vs HDD after graphic performance?

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Hi there Livelyjon!


I hope I can be of some assistance to you, but from what I've heard from some users who've put this to the test, it's generally the same whether you use an SSD or HDD with X-Plane 11.

One person that put this particular aspect to the test, found almost identical if not identical load times for X-Plane 11 on a SSD and a HDD, and worked either way. The game fully loads and works on both, but I'm not to sure wether this affects gameplay and graphics performance; but i'd assume not.


Hope this helped!



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