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I've not used Xplane for a little while but none of my settings have changed since last use.  

I have built my home airports in 3D but always kept world object detail to minimal.  That works for me as generally I'm using it for IFR practice so once away from the airport environment the level of detail out of the window is not that important to me. And running on an old processor I have had good enough performance that way.

I updated to the latest 11.30 version and fired up Xplane for the first time in months.  Now all my airport objects (buildings fences etc) are invisible unless I turn the world objects slider up. Windsocks, lighting, etc are visible.

I always thought you could set airport detail separate from general world detail. Has something changed or am I missing something?  

Is there anything I can do to my airports in WED to force objects to appear when world detail slider is on minimal?


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Hi Russ, Good question! I believe that this is actually correct. I am sorry for the inconvenience!