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Hello I am using Xplane 11 (10.30r2) on Windows.

I filled up a flight plan and followed ATC Instructions, when ATC ask me to "resume own navigation" I just activate the LNAV on my plane and the ATC ask me back to change HDG, I proceed with the new HDG and ATC ask me again to Resume Own Navigation. I do activate LNAV and again ATC ask me to change HDG.

ATC HDG does not carry me to any WPT on filled plan.. so. whats wrong?


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I have had this same problem when doing KJFK-KSFO in the MD-82.

Have you saved the flight to continue later and reload it? This is what happened to me.

MAKE SURE: All you waypoints are correct/Valid. Check for Any Discontinuaties or Vectors.

If it does not work, Check your waypoints again Using the "Plan" Screen.

If all your Waypoints are correct you can either:

Cancel the IFR Plan with the ATC and continue


Go direct to the Next waypoint you have. *MOST RECOMMENDED* Please use this one, it worked for me.

Also check if you are using the right FLP. When I had this problem, I was using the wrong flight plan (God knows how) so it took me straight to start THAT route. I ended up Diverting to KSEA and went on the ATC Route somehow... 

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I also fly last version of X-Plane 11 on W7 .....and the wonderful B737-800 zibo.

Exactly the same issue.  After ATC give me a heading (3seconds later) it ask me "resume own navigation".

And that many, many times along my fly..... Very disturbing and not realist !


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