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The download from server is intermittent and stop oftenly because loss of communication, I have a good internet line, is there a way to choose a mirror server or any other server ? It choose the London server and I'm in the Philippines.

Daniel Bermingham

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Hi Daniel,

I'm sorry to hear your install is going slowly. The service we use is supposed to make downloads much faster. You can read more about details in this q&a session if you're interested.

Try downloading less scenery to reduce the time it takes to install. We recommend only a continent or two at first and add more later. If the amount of scenery is not an issue, here are the first steps toward diagnosing a problem with download speeds.

  1. Can you download these two files for me and let me know how long each one takes? (This will tell us if the new service is slower than our old server for you.)
    1. File 1
    2. File 2
  2. Please run a speed test and let me know what it says your download speed is.
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imageDownload file

Thank you for your fast reply JRoberts,

The 2 files took 3min 15sec and 3min 12sec, the speed test is 195kb/s, ping at 342ms with a London server, usually a 3Gb files will take me about 10 hrs.

I did previously select everything and let it run all night (I'm in Asia compare to UK) and about 1/20th was downloaded ! now I selected only one continent and the download started at 145kb/s and stopped after 2min then started again after 3min at 85kb/s,125kbs and stop after 4min and didn't start after 10min and nothing else is running in background or virus program !!!, I never have problem downloading previously using direct link or torrent or program installation via the net, I open my bitorrent last night for small net activity to keep the line active but it didn't help. My line here is very stable between 160 to 185 kb/s during day time and up to 225 kb/s at night, I know about Asian net reliability and I fixed all these problems 6 months ago (cable and connections it's a private line, reliable older modem compare to knew one's heat problems replace 4 of them, upgrade my plan and even paid the technician, well it works like that here). Maybe it's the server located in Texas that slows down everything, there is no good comment in blog about that server that is very slow and drop packets, I will use Whiteshark and netstat to monitor my packets and analyse the situation, worst to come, I will need X-Plane DVD to be sent, it's sad but might be faster then my download, mail instead of email !!!