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I have a Saitek X 52 joystick.  Is there a way to connect one of the stick's buttons to X P 11 ATC so I can press the button to acknowledge the ATC transmission / readback request?  At present I have to use my mouse to do this but would like to use a joystick button instead.

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Hi Tregarth,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The short answer from me is I don't know because I do not use this hardware.

However, the only way to configure your Saitek equipment including this joystick is through X-Plane.  The only way it will work properly.

You will be asked/required to select and assign your buttons from an extensive list.  From the list you may be able to achieve what you want to do.

This link found at   may be of some assistance as well

Good luck


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Thank you for your reply.  I realise the question I should have asked is "Is there a keyboard command for ATC "Readback Transmission" ?"  So instead of keep moving the mouse to keep  clickiing "Readback Transmission" after every message all I have to do is press a joystick button.

I have found a command for "Open ATC" ( which is Return), is there one for Readback Transmission?

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Sorry, there is no keyboard command for Readback Transmission.  Many have searched for an alternative to using the mouse for this command, but no alternative has been found ... yet.
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Sorry for the delay in replying, been away.  Since so many people have the same request perhaps a keyboard command could be made?

An addition for v 11.31?