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On X-plane 11.3 and I can't figure out how to select the white reference altitudes listed in the flight plan .  when using the knob it only scrolls down the list of waypoints and skips over the altitudes.  I have read the manual (pages 105-~110 and it clearly shows I should use the outer FMS knob to select altitude fields. FYI I am on the current Navigraph 1901 cycle.   What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Bustingrumpys

If you're referring to the Garmin G1000, then I don't believe you are doing anything wrong as I had the very same problem yesterday when I tried to set up a flight plan?

I feel it should be formally reported as a bug!
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It already has by me. But I found something interesting. The altitudes, even in white, can be selected and designated. HOWEVER, this will not work when you are in the "Approach" section of the FMC. Your cursor should have no problem designating altitudes. But when you use either the Approach or Arrival section....well then the cursor skips them. 

I mentioned in another post how inconvenient this is because you need to designate those altitudes if you want to use ILS. Since practicing landing in bad conditions is what I'm trying to achieve, this is really frustrating.