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I have a PC with Nvidia geforce 1080 graphics card and i9 9900 processor. What would be the best big curved screen using the G-SYNC function?

Thanking you in advance

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Hi sbbasile,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

On the basis you are wanting to use multiple screens configure your screens through X-Plane for best effect and forget about GSynsc.  Have a look at the manual found at  A multi screen sytem can be setup whereby you have one copy of x-plane running with 3 different screens linked through X-Plane showing 3 different copies of X-Plane all from the one graphics card like yours (same as mine)

X-Plane has been developed for single screen format ie 1920 x 1080 To the best of my knowledge it has not been changed to 4k resolution although some flight simmers attempt to use them.

Now to your question.  The answer is how much do you want to spend and how large do you want the screen.  A large television will be far cheaper than a monitor of the same size.  The processor is a definite overkill and will give you no extra benefit as X-Plane will still only utilise the 4 cores and will not provide any benefit for your screen.

Good luck


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Hello and thank you for your answer. 

In fact and to be more precise, I fly only in IFR and more precisely with the 737 900 Zibo. Currently, I have a 24 inches that brings me satisfaction but I want now to please me by investing in a larger screen because not making VFR and not necessarily needing outside views in priority,

I thought the Samsung LC49HG90DMU curved PC screen 49 inches. The questions I asked myself about this screen:

1 / Is the screen not too big in cockpit mode? Will there be no cockpit deformation?

2 / The screen has Free-Sync technology but as you know, the Nvidia card is G-Sync. If this screen seems suitable for my use, is it important that I can not activate G-Sync with this screen? Will I have some tearing

Question budget, as you will see, the Samsung is $ 1000 (900€ for me... I am French and live in France). It is true that I prefer a single screen rather than several screens but maybe I'm not right. That's why I need your help, which will be valuable to me because I do not want to make mistakes.

thank you for your reply.

For information, and not knowing how to write in English, this text is translated by Google Translation. Please excuse me if you notice pronunciations errors.

Second information: I am underwater photographer and use video encodings as well as photoshop. My I9 processor is very useful for that.

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TV configuration for xplane11
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Hi sbbasile,

I have sent you a private message offering further discussion and comment on the best way to go as well as considering the use of a television screenn raised in your other question.

Let me know what you end up setting up.