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Hi guys,

I have a HP 32q monitor running at 2560*1440 and at this resolution i noticed that my FPS with vsync enabled drops from 60 to 30 during flight at different views and produces stutters while the FPS gets to 30. It does smooth out at 30 FPS but then when it tries to go back to 60 FPS it stutters again until it reaches the refresh rate. I switched my monitor to 1920*1080 and the simulator runs perfectly fine. I also unchecked vsync at the higher resolution and it runs fine at the cost of image tearing during flight. I also swapped my monitor out for 1080p gaming monitor i have and the runs fine. It only happens during the higher resolution than 1080p. Video card has been replace by tech support and no help.

I don't have a button to attach a file for some reason, if you need my log file please let me know.



Gaming PC Specs

Alienware Aurora R7 Intel i7-8700

16GB Ram

2TB standard hard drive with 16GB Intel Optane Memory

GTX 1080 w/ 8GB Video Ram

HP 32q 32inch monitor

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