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Hi.  I don't think I'm alone in experiencing sound problems with the new ATC voices.  ATC Centre, Tower, etc. is coming in loud and clear, and the replies from AI aircraft are loud and clear, but the pilot's voice from my aircraft replying to ATC is VERY low, almost unintelligible.  I have tried all the SOUND sliders, and I can't bring up the volume for the pilot's voice.  The old voice files in xp11.26 worked perfectly.

If anyone has found a solution or work-around, please let me know.

All in all, I'm happy with 11.30, although I'm not seeing other aircraft in the sky, even when they are appearing on the MAP and they are responding to ATC instructions.  Any thoughts?

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Having the same issue.
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agree that new voices are a downgrade. Agree with reduced volume of my aircraft response to ATC. Also annoying click at termination of each transmission which may be realistic but does not enhance experience. Also the new voices are less " natural"  than before- sound computer generated.

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Hi - Would you please report this here?
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Bug report submitted.  Thanks.