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Great job. Congratulations.

The only problem is about ATC comunications. I can listen to engines and environment sounds except radio comunications. I tried to fix audio setup sliders, no way! I can only ear a far and quite voice as coming from neighbor hotel room. My creative SB X-Fi works with 5.1 surround speakers. The low far voice comes from bass speaker, the other 4 do not play any voice. There is a few on FAQ, I tried some How-to but unsuccessfully. With 11.26 audio worked. I think you have to configure "audio surround" for 11.30.


Any suggestion?
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I'm having the same problem. I hope someone has an answer.

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The problem was in 5.1 surround. X-plane 11.30 radio uses headphone output if the headphone outlet is used. Nice idea but you have to use an headphone. If you have a surround 5.1 you plug the bass speaker instead of headphone in that port. I solved disabling headphone ceck in audio setting (creative soundblaster).

Probably this bug must be solved by next update.

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