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I have a matrox triple head togo. Is it possible to configure 1 pc withe visuals ( triple h to go) and a second pc with its own screen that has the panel only ?
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Hi Guyza,

You are proposing what I want to do.

In the first instance have a look at the following videos which may help:- and also

The commentator operates the company recommended by the developer of X-plane 10 as the official supplier of computers for X-plane. I have no connection with this company.

Hope the alternative versions help.  I have acquired Panel Builder but I am considering using Air Manager.




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Thanks for this info. I probably wasn't clear. I have all the equipment, including a second copy of x-plane. Is there a configuration I can use on the second PC to only show the panel. The First PC with THTG just runs the external scenery (I have configured that one ok.
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Hi Guyza,

Here are another two videos by Michael Brown,

Have a look at all 4.  Michael explains what you are trying to do with several options for your second screen but you need to network both computers when running both copies of X-plane.  By running the panel on the second computer it is advisable to "dumb down" the computer just running the instrument panel.  Michael explains this.

I can't remember which video has the best solution you are seeking.  I intend to initially run the second copy on another hard drive (my hangar drive) before I acquire a second computer. Michael also explains this as well which is his preferred option.

Once you have the second screen operational, press Ctrl-W for the computer running the visuals.  This will clear your screen of the instrument panel allowing you to run the instrument screen.

Others on this forum have also asked the same question you have raised and the answer supplied from, generally "jroberts", is "network and run a second version on another computer".

Hope this helps further.


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