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My previous post (yesterday) with all the details about this problem was deleted? I'm not going to type everything again, suffice to say that I've gone from very impressed with XP11 to seriously annoyed, as this is a deal-breaking bug for me.

Log.txt file attached.http://questions.x-plane.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=17448958596666514076

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Hi - Would you please report this error here? Thanks! http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html
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Thanks for attending to this issue and the bug report link. I did post a message there, with a full description of the problem. However, I haven't had a response yet and continued to trouble-shoot on my side.

I learnt that the Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless headset (USB) that I'm using sometimes give problems on USB 3 ports. While I didn't have a spare USB 2 port, I plugged it into another USB 3 port on my PC, in fact a spare port on an Inateck expansion card, which I also use for an Oculus Rift.

This seemed to have solved my problem, as I get no more error messages in X-Plane 11 and sound always works, even after leaving the game and re-entering, which was what triggered the problem before. Perhaps you can add this to solutions for people having problems with the Steelseries Arctis 7 headsets.

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