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I am trying to use the VEHX-UDP command in X-Plane 11.30 to move other aircraft. The Log-File says, that X-Plane received a message and the calculated data is correct, but the aircraft is not moving. I use the ACFN and PREL message before sending the VEHX-Messages to initialize a new Aircraft and they are working fine. I can also abuse the PREL Message to move the Aircraft, but this message is missing the roll and pitch information. If i modify the Message to VEH1 (the padding of the identifer-Int ist different) i can move Aircraft in X-Plane 10 without problems.

I don't know, why the VEHX Message is not working. It's clearly in the Log-File below, that X-Plane receives a good message and the "USING" Parameters are all correct. So Why is it not moving the Plane? Do i miss some setting in the menu?, is there anything else that is preventing the VEHX from working? I'm pretty sure, that this is a bug. I don't know, if it had worked before 11.30.

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XP11 Log-File (Runway 18 on EDDF):

      OK we got the VEHX message:

INCOMING: lat=    50.03 deg

INCOMING: lon=     8.53 deg

INCOMING: ele=        1 meters

INCOMING: psi=   179.22 deg true in local horizon\n INCOMING: the=     1.30 deg from local horizon

INCOMING: phi=     0.08 deg from local horizon

USING   : x=  -33898.53 m from ORIGIN

USING   : y=    -299.13 m from ORIGIN

USING   : z=   51775.36 m from ORIGIN

USING   : psi=   179.59 deg true from ORIGIN

USING   : the=     0.83 deg from ORIGIN

USING   : phi=     0.39 deg from ORIGIN

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Hallo Martin,
I cannot answer your question. I suppose, I am trying to do something similar. I ended up using the DREF struct to control the x,y,z DataRefs of particular airplane and move it around.  Because I couldn’t find formula for conversion lon, lat, el to x, y, z.

To use this method you have to first set the:



datarefs to 1 for your particular plane.

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