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Recent update caused X-Plane to stop functioning properly.  Removed all files and reinstalled entire system now receiving X-System Resources/Rand.Bin file not found, must be installed for me to have random numbers.  System will not start producing this error message along with downloading NEW Output, Data, Cycle Dump and Log file folders each time the start X-Plane is initiated .  When reinstalled, the system worked properly now it produces this error.  Reference to the previous question about rand.bin error it recommended removing addons, but there aren't any addons.  How do I get this thing to work.  Thanks in advance.
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Figured it out, the X-Plane logo (startup) must be included with all the downloaded files, and a short cut for the logo (startup) is placed outside the files, that is on the desktop one folder with all the files, with a startup short cut also on the desktop.

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