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I tried to update my xplane 11 but I couldn't continue due to extremely low speed internet so I canceled it.

I tried to run again xplane 11 but it game me the attached error that /Resources/rand.bin file is missing.

How can I restore my xpalne without continue the update as this is not possible for me. 


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HI ! I experience the same problem. Could not proceed with an update and now cannot use XPlane 11 due the missing How have you solved it, other than physically bringing the computer to a place with better internet coverage?

 And yes, the file is missing (just checked in the Resources folder)

Thank you!

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Hi Mansour

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but before you do anything else, please have a look in the C:\X Plane 11\Resources folder to see if in fact the Rand.bin file is actually missing?

Please click on following click to show you what I mean:-