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My project is about the integration of elevation data of a runway into X-Plane. I want to simulate very accurately the Departure, Landing and Taxiway of a model aircraft.
I am trying to create a new DSF-file with the elevation data included. I looked in the X-Plane forum for programs to change the elevation, but so far couldn't find any program for my needs. I just found programs to manually manipulate the elevation raster. The problem is, that I have around 230 000 elevation data points (latitude, longitude and altitude) and to change each elevation point manually it would take too long.

My last try was to insert the data directly into a existing DSF-file (of the runway's area) downloaded from the internet. To do this I used the DSF2TXT tool and I inserted the data as a 'PATCH_VERTEX'-type (with BEGIN PATCH and BEGIN PRIMITIVE). For the X-normal and Z-normal I used a random value between -1 and 1. In the end there is always the same error coming out when I start X-Plane:

"rel_assert Error! Possibly an out of range vector (...)"

My problem is, that I can not find a exact specification on how to build and change a DSF-file. Furthermore I am not sure if I am on the right track.

Do you know a program that could help me?

Is there any other way to integrate elevation data into X-Plane?

I would be very pleased to hear from you.

With very kind regards
Miguel Wesselmann

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Since you posted more or less the same question in the forums see my answer there :)