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Everything working great yesterday. Last plane installed was X-Aviation TBM 900. Flew it had no problems.

Today XP 11.30 gets almost finished loading and it CTD with and error reporting box.

Could not find the insert button to send my log file. How can I get it to you?

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Hi viper245

I'm just a fellow simmer from the UK (not from Laminar Research)

It's very difficult trying to establish why your PC went CTD when it was trying to load X-Plane 11, it could be any number of reasons, software or hardware?

However, if it is of some help, I have prepared a number of PowerPoint slides (please click on following link) which tries to explain how to upload a file within the X-Plane Q&A forum.


Any problems, please let me know?


PS Please note also that you have sent your query to X-Plane's Q&A forum, not X-Plane's bug reporting site!

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