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I am trying to build a full motion flight simulator can roll and pitch in 360 degree and my goal is ability to have experience 6 G during manoeuvres. 

X-plane problem:

unfortunately roll value (sim/flightmodel/position/phi) in pitch angle between 70 and 110 degrees is not correct for motion platform and off course it is just for pilot. for example in loops, when you keep your roll in 0 degree and just increasing pitch, roll value slowly change to 90 degree and  goes to 180. 

I have tries many other datarefs to find a variable that give absolute roll rotation, but I have no chance.

So, Laminar Research guys or developers, please help me.

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For 6G you need something like this:  As your platform is not moving you do not simulate the attitude, but the forces: the platform moves so that the g force (which is only one g plus a little bit of extra dynamic) points into the right direction. But you will never feel the high g loads. Imagine a 60 degree turn. If you fly it without crab angle your roll angle is 60 degree, but the force vector just points straight downwards in your airplane coordinate system. It is just twice as high as it usually is... In this case a 6DOF platform will pitch a little bit up so that you have the impression of being pressed into your seat. Flying a perfect loop means always positive g load and thus no need for a 360 degree platform.

Cheers, HellG