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Hello,I can't see the terrian in GPS and message shows"out of date"(like G430),How can I fix it?I purchased the game in steam and there is no any patch/DLC  about GPS.

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Hi NoSimonHayha

I'm just a fellow flight simmer in the UK, but I suspect that the 'out of date' message refers to the navigation data held in your X-Plane folders. This data is based on something called the AIRAC cycle published every month by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The data is used by the whole aviation industry and flight simmers alike.

Because new AIRAC data is published every month, the information held by all X-Plane simmers (and others) will more or less always be out of date. Basically then, long story short, you can ignore this message, it won't affect your flying experience!

As far as terrain is concerned, please confirm the navigation system you are referring to i.e. Garmin G530, G1000 or other?

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Another more experienced simmer may be able to confirm, but I do not believe that there is a terrain function for the G430 or G530, although you may be able to get a plugin to resolve this.

There is however a terrain function on the G1000, which you will find on the right hand Multi Function Display (MFD).

Look for a row of soft keys at the bottom of the MFD and one called 'MAP'. Press the MAP key and you will be presented with TOPO & TERRAIN options. Click on these as required.

Hope this helps