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My set up

i7 8700k

Gigabyte 1070ti OC

16 GB 3200 Ram

Strix Rog z370 H gaming mother board

On max settings at 1080p, I am only getting 27 fps... I already know that turning down the settings will give me better frames. I just want to know what went through the developers minds when they realized how much power you need to play this game at max settings on 1080p and still get 60 fps. A gtx 1080ti is not twice as strong as my card so that means not even a 1080 ti (the absolute best graphics card out right now) could get 60 fps in this game... I just want to know who thinks that acceptable?
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I am already upset at how much better non flight simulator games look when they have flying put into them and to get 27 fps on my brand new 1070ti was just insulting.

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A quick "frame rate" search of this forum will give you many responses - all much the same. X-Plane is coded within the OpenGL API. This API was originally developed nearly twenty years ago (with many revisions since). However, it still primarily uses only one CPU core (and pipeline) to communicate with the GPU. Essentially this means that it doesn't matter how many CPU cores are available or how many lanes the GPU can handle - really just a function of the clock speed of the single core. DirectX 12 (Microsoft) and Vulkan (cross-platform) allow the use of multiple cores/lanes. In other games (e.g. Witcher 3) the programmers used a proprietary graphics engine (API) to achieve the same thing. There has been blog discussion in the past about re-coding X-Plane in Vulkan (not a "fun" task I'm told). At the moment it seems much of the effort from the X-Plane team is centered on VR.
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That explains a lot, thanks for replying. I can't  believe these lazy developers get paid for this garbage. The game should actually cost $5 dollars not $70. I will just plane Microsoft flight simulator instead of this garbage