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Can I roll back. Updating to 11.30 has been disasterous. now since Flyinside is no longer supporting past 11.26 I cannot use my Vive headset. and the only way to get good Helicopter training is to go VR.

X-Plane help! This is urgent! I have a check ride coming up.
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to explain my question. I updated to 11.30 then I started getting the "problem processing a GLSL pixel shader" error. I can hear the program running but no video. After reviewing the blogs I found that I needed to update FLYINSIDE. I did so but their website says they are no longer supporting Xplane for VIVE past  version 11.26. Now I have no way of using my VIVE with XPlane. So the only solution I see is to go back to 11.26. And before you ask, No I didn't make a copy before upgrading.
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Yes, backups are the way to ensure you can go back. Maybe LR should implement a "version picker" in their installer to allow going back. But naturally they do not want to keep an archive of oldversions, I'm afarid.

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I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but as I understand it, you will no longer be able to download X-Plane 11.25 from LR, as only 11.30 is now available.

If however you managed to save a copy of your entire X-Plane 11.25 file structure on your PC before updating to 11.30, then you could always roll back to 11.25 by swapping one for the other.

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thank you for the reply fellow Simmer. I unforetunately did not make a you know of any other wat to get a Vive headset to work with Xplane?
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Sorry my friend, I've not tried VR yet so know little about it, but Bambino Games have a stack of videos on YouTube that you may want to search through. 

They are into VR and also use Flyinside.  The link is at


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thanks  Cheers