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Flying the 58 Baron, approx 15 NM from airport, I requested a pop-up IFR clearance & received vectors to an invalid approach.


Approx 15 NM north of KNEW I opened an IFR flight plan to KNEW. ATC then began vectoring me for the ILS 6. It vectored me into an appropriate position to shoot the ILS 6 if it existed. I flew an approach to KNEW RWY 6 and was handed off to KNEW Tower as expected. Everything worked as it should, except there is no ILS 6.


Same thing happened at KBJC. Approx 15 NM SE of KBJC I filed an IFR flight plan for KBJC. ATC vectored me west and north for the ILS 03 approach, which doesn't exist.


Neither of these approaches are in the X-Plane GNS-530's database either.

X-Plane 11 on Windows 10

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Here's another one that isn't right.   KPWK Chicago Executive.  After filing a flight plan from KMKE Milwaukee to KPWK, ATC directs you to an ILS approach to Rwy 12.    Rwy 12 exists at KPWK, but has no ILS equipment on this Rwy.
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Yes, it seems to just add an ILS to the destination airport and vector you to it. Got the same yesterday at T74 that has no ILS. It's pretty worthless.

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Hi GoldenEagle

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but I've had a look at the latest Jeppersen charts in Navigraph and agree with your first point, that there does not appear to be a RWY06 at KNEW New Orleans Lakefront.

However for KBJC Denver Rocky Mountain Metro, I have found a short 3600' asphalt RWY03 in X-Plane 11 and on the Jeppersen charts in Navigraph.

Please click on the following link for further details:-


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Yes, both of these runways exist but the assigned approaches do not exist. There is no ILS 6 at KNEW or ILS 3 at KBJC, which is what the X-Plane ATC assigned. If the approach doesn't exist, you can't fly it!
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Hi again

Yes I see what you mean now, it's the ILS part I didn't fully appreciate in your original post doh!