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I apologise if this question has already been asked, I am new to X-Plane after being a FSX user, and I find the air traffic control menu simple and easy to use. However upon landing at my first commercial airport... that was it. Nothing else, no "Request Taxi to Parking" or "Request Taxi to Gate" or anything like this. I find this very disappointing as other than that the ATC is enough for my requirements.

I tried downloading one of the recommended plugins however I did not find it as user friendly as the stock game one, and also was a little disappointed that the other aircraft didn't use it either. It also didn't give me the cheeky little yellow arrows on the ground so I had no idea where I was going.

Is there any plans to incorporate the "post landing" section of flight into the ATC? As considering that the game costs £50 on steam it seems like quite a key aspect of commercial flight and kinda spoils it for me.



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Hi Jo,

I am not with Laminar Research.  Just a flight simmer who uses the official and original version of X-Plane developed by Laminar Research ie I don't support steam.

Are you aware that the steam version of X-Plane is not the same as the LR version?  It is a 3rd party hybrid taking a commercial advantage of the development work in creating X-Plane by Laminar research.  There is no connection between either parties.

You may be extremely lucky in getting an answer to your problem in this forum but I consider you might get a definative answer if you try a Steam forum.

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Oh that’s a tad irritating, but thank you never the less for getting back to me!

It appears as if I am now too many hours of gameplay over to get a refund and get the Laminar Research version which is even more frustrating, but thank you for the advice! I shall chase that up.