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I would like to use 2 yokes in my cockpit? dont understand why this wont work? I am "Told" in P3D it is possible.

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Hello , I want to use it at the same time but could not solve . Did you solve it?

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Hi Dbsrkjj,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Just because some other "fluffy duck" flight sim package will allow you to use Saitek (now logitech) products doesn't guarantee that it will work in X-Plane.  Advice provided by these other products is not always correct for X-Plane.

In this situation the P3D advice is correct. 

By the way, the information I am providing is based on you using the official and original version of X-Plane purchased directly from Laminar Research or the licensed suppliers being Aerosoft.  

If you are using the 3rd party hybrid version called steam then you need to take your question to that forum.

Firstly on the basis you may have installed the saitek software onto your pc you need to completely and totally remove the software from your machine and then dump the software in the bin.  If you don't then the saitek yokes will not work.  They have to be configured in X-Plane.  No other way.  Not even through your operating system. With other flight sim packages you have to use the saitek software..  If you haven't installed the software as yet then just dump the software.  This applies for any saitek product you currently or intend to use.

For the configuration of the yokes have a look at the following link from Michael Brown found at  Follow the advice/methodology Michael is providing. Michael owns a business whereby he builds PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  This business is recommended by Laminar Research as the only PC supplier in the USA.

Now to solve your precise problem.  Read the latest version of the X-Plane manual and the information you seek can be found at

Because you require a second copy of the X-Plane you will need to purchase the software from Laminar Research.  

With a disc version you have to have disc 1 installed in a suitable drive at all times for that copy of X-Plane.  For a digital download version that is being run at the same time as the other PC copy the software performs a "secret" verification process to determine that you have an additional legal copy.  If not then " user beware" 

Good luck