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I have read and tried to configure the 64 buttons on my Saitek Pro Flight X52 system for PC. I am not a pilot and do not know the terminology to assign the correct buttons to the correct assignment. In order to fly I now have to pull the Joy Stick to the far right to even keep my plane on the runway... ha ha ha... Has anyone actually printed out their configuration for these Flight Simulators on the Saitech Pro Flight X52?  Thank you a million for any assistance in this matter...

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The X-Plane 10 manual includes a glossary that might help with learning the terminology. Here is a diagram that explains plane movement if you are having trouble configuring your joystick axes. 

Keep in mind that single engine planes (such as the default Cessna) will pull left due to the turn of the propeller. If you want to start over configuring your joystick, you can remove the preferences folder (found in the Output folder) and X-Plane will behave like it is a new install.

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