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Once the latest update was installed, most buttons on the top and bottom panel stopped working. I have updated drivers for my GeForce 1060 GPU (6GHz) without getting back the functionality of the buttons

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Hi diazmr

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but without knowing more information it will be very difficult to determine the cause of the problems you are experiencing. Some questions therefore:-

1. What version of X-Plane are you using?

2. Where did you purchase X-Plane from, Laminar Research or Steam? If it is the latter, please refer all questions to Steam directly as this Q&A does not support Steam products.

3. What aircraft model/s are you referring to?

4. Exactly which avionics controls are you referring to?

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First of all thank you in advance for your answer.

As for the questions you ask me, you will find the answers here under:

1. The version. X-plane 11.31 (the latest update)

2. The purchase. In Laminar Research

3. The aircraft models. B737-800 (both laminar and zibo)

4. Neither of the buttons/knobs on the cockpit upper panel, nor avionics on the front panel (pilot and co-pilot) work, even the radiocommunications panel does not work either.  None buttons/knobs allow the slightest movement, with the exception of the course and HDG knobs of the pilot.

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Hi again

I have the same version of X-Plane 11.31 as you and I've just loaded the LR Boeing 737-800 and more or less all of the rotary controls and switches work as they should.

I did find a few controls that did nothing, but I might be trying to switch on something in the incorrect sequence, not knowing this particular aircraft very well.

Have you tried to re-install X-Plane 11.31 again, as the Installer program will only update those files that are either missing or corrupt?

I'm not sure about the Zibo 737-800 as I do not currently have this available.

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Yes indeed, I believe that the most effective thing will be to uninstall and reinstall the software again, in spite of how tedious this may be. Probably a library is missing or corrupt.

I will tell you the final result obtained.

 As for the ZIBO version, if you plan to fly the B737 800, I suggest you download it. This freeware is much more realistic and complete than Laminar, especially those related with the flight parameters of the FMS.

Thanks again

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I dont have experience to tell about