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so when I started up X - Plane 10 it asked for a disk or a key code. I bought it on a disc so I cleaned the disc and then put it in. I have done this now about 10 times and it still isn't working :( maybe the disc is scratched or something. I bought X - Plane 10 around April 2015. I would really like a key code so that I can use it or a good way to clean a disc :D. Email: [email protected] the email address that I bought it on was [email protected]


Thank You.

Samuel. :D

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Hi Samuel,

Double check that you're using Disc 1, and make sure that your disc drive is able to read a different DVD. If that doesn't help, please contact support at [email protected] about replacement disks or purchasing a product key.
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so if I have to purchase a new product key does that mean that I have to pay for the game again.
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Yes because digital download is an entirely separate product. Replacement disks are a much cheaper option.
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do you know how much a replacement disk will cost?