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Is there a hidden timer of some sort in X-PLANE 11--that tracks how long the game has been idle?

The reason that I ask, is because there have been a few times when I start the game, pause to go do something--only to come back to find that the game has terminated ITSELF.

This wouldn't be that big of an issue--if the game didn't take so incredibly looooooooooooooooong to load!

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Hi robertd903

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but like you, I sometimes put the flight simulator on 'pause' and come back later to find all is OK, just click 'pause' again and off we go!

It might be worth looking at your X-Plane 11 Log.txt file immediately after another occurrence of termination, could you upload this file next time it happens?

In terms of X-Plane 11 loading time, this will very much depend on your PC hardware configuration and the number of addon files you have in addition to the X-Plane 11 file structure itself, particularly scenery packs?

However, I timed it today and my version of X-Plane 11.31, on my high end PC, was around 1 min 55 seconds. Not sure how long yours is taking to load?

When you think that the X-Plane file structure is just over 250 GB in size and has over 200,000 files and 9500 folders, it's perhaps not surprising that it might take a little while to load many of these files to launch a flight!

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You might also want to load fewer geographical areas (use the installer to do this) to speed up loading. No need to load areas that you won't be flying in.
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But isn't X-Plane loading only the area you are currently in? And the biggest file is the airports file which is always loaded completely. I also think that X-Plane could start up faster...

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