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A eye reference point of the cessna 172 cockpit in mobile x-plane is too low 

as you know, when we round out and flare, a pitch of the cessna increases and it blocks the front vision. in order to estimate a height above the ground and feel vertical velocity, it needs to use a peripheral vision

however I can't use peripheral vision in flare because its eyepoint is too low that instrument panel hinder side view of the runway 

if the eye reference point moves up to the point where  we can see a bit of engine cowling of the cessna, we can use more peripheral vision for flare

 sincerely hope that mobile cessna can move its cockpit eye(reference)point 

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Hi rhkdgnslightteach97

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but in my desktop version of X-Plane all I do, albeit a temporary solution, is to press the up arrow key a couple of times whilst you're in the cockpit or when you've gone back to the 'default' internal cockpit view, from say an external view.

I'm not sure if you have this ability on the mobile version? 

The alternative is to change some settings in the Plane Maker app, which will give you a permanent and higher viewpoint change that you're looking for however!

Once again though, I'm not sure if this app is available on the mobile version of X-Plane?