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I have recently upgraded my X-Plane copy and noticed that my helicopter is very difficult (nearly impossible) to fly. I am using the Robinson R22 Beta II from which worked fine up to recently. I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick for the cyclic and collective combined with Thrustmaster TFRP pedals for the tail rotor. As soon as I take off, the helicopter starts spinning so fast that even flooring the pedal in the opposite direction of the spin barely stops it. This used to all work very well before. I've tried using the joystick for yaw but there is no difference.

When calibrating the controls, all looks good.

I recently deleted my whole X-Plane installation and reinstalled it. Things go back to working well but when I upgrade, the helicopter becomes uncontrollable.

Any ideas what could be going on? When displaying joystick data on the screen things look normal enough except when I fight the helicopter to stay level. If I manage to land it properly and try taking off again, the problem seems amplified.

Thanks for any pointers,

Etienne Laneville

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Hi, I have the same problem. Check the output data of the joystick in the screen and measures 0.0000 in the movement of the roll  axis but the helicopter is rolling left more than 90 ° !! If I try to correct this attitude, (leveling the horizon) it measures 0.2898 more / less. It's a new Saitek X52. Before, I had a professional Logitch 3d extreme. With the autopilot it goes well but there is no release button to move the cyclic to the desired position and remain it. greatings
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Have you tried "Reload the Current Aircraft"? That seems to fix everything for me, I was able to get back to hovering. I don't know how the helicopter gets in this bad state. It started happening after I tried to start the helicopter myself. I wonder if I screwed with some control and the game kept it like that even after starting a New Flight.

I fly the Robinson R22 and I don't think there's an autopilot. What helicopter are you flying?

That's a nice joystick by the way, it didn't come up in my Amazon searches before. Adding to "Gift Ideas" list.
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Hi, thank you for you answer. I do not know how to "reload the current plane", my problem started from the beginning. Fly the s76 by default, although I tested the free H145 for x 11 plane, and the same thing happens. I have just discovered that the Beechcraft King Air by default is affected too, although the rest of the planes are doing well.
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It's under the Developer menu:

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Oh!! Perfect thank you very much. I'll try it as soon as posible.

On the other hand, the Saitek x52 is a great joystick I bought only one month ago. It smooth and nice but I think that to pilot helicopters it's beter a joystick without spring or at least to have an option to release the pressure on the controls. I think that the Logitech G940 has this option due to it doesn't use springs. I tryed one of them but I didn't like it...
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Hi friend, I tried "Reload the current aircraft" but the issue keeps equal. I don't know what to do? I sent a issue report to Laminar, I'm waiting for their answer.
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Ugh, sorry to hear you are still having issues with your joystick, hopefully others are monitoring this thread and will chime in.

I agree that a spring-loaded Joystick is not very realistic compared to a helicopter's cyclic. It remains a good learning tool though, I am just starting to take helicopter lessons and was looking to X-plane for some cheap flight time.
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Thanks, I hope to solve the problem soon. I'm a helicopter pilot too, and I want to practice instrument procedures on X-plane 11. It's a good way to practice and automate them. Have a nice flights

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After looking into using the Keyboard to control the Collective instead of the lever on the Joystick, I experienced the same erratic behavior with F3/F4 to control the collective.

After crashing, I noticed the "Reload the Current Aircraft" option in the Developer menu and this seems to have corrected the issue. Keyboard worked smoothly and re-enabling the collective on the Joystick also worked properly afterwards.
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It seems that whenever I land a little too hard (without triggering a "tire blown" or any other crash-related message), the helicopter goes in this erratic state.  "Reload the Current Aircraft" get it back to normal.
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Since you mention issues when you update, I wonder if you are saving your changes to the default configuration file. If X-Plane ships with a config file, you should let any modifications save to preferences. Otherwise X-Plane will restore the default version of the config file when you update, which would change your joystick settings.
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Thanks for your response jroberts, I had re-calibrated both the Joystick and the pedals after upgrading and they were behaving properly in the configuration window.