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I bought Original DVD X PLANE 10 , 2 years ago, but i Never installed. Today once I want to install, no activation code and product key stated inside the DVD box . How come I can get it

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The product key is part of a newer product: X-Plane digital download. It was not available when you purchased the DVDs two years ago (it is only about 1 year old). If you insert DVD 1 from your set it will unlock X-Plane 10 from demo mode. You may also buy a digital download product key but it is a separate purchase and fee.

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Thank you, but I have boought DVD edition and now cant be works. Even I already insert disk 1 still they need to key in the product key.

THis is un acceptable for customer who already bought DVD Box edition. Its supposed to detected .


Need advice. Thanks
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Please send me a private message with a picture of your DVD set or receipt and we can discuss purchasing replacement disks.
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I have the same problem: can I send to you a private msg with picture of my dvd set?? what is your private email address??