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i have a good speed internet connection by a wire, but couldn`t connect to server for downloading demo version

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Hi Eldoctore

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but a couple of questions:-

1. Does your internet connection work normally with other applications i.e. the internet & other downloads etc?

2. Do you have any anti virus/malware software on your PC likely to be blocking access to the LR website?

3. Do you have a copy of X-Plane 11 on your PC already and if so, where did you purchase it and in what format i.e. digital download, DVD, Steam etc?

4. Could you upload a 'screen print' of your monitor to this post, showing what happens when you try to download the demo version of X-plane 11?

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1. internet connection work normally with other apps;

2. antivirus/firewall have permission for LR website;

3. i haven`t copy XP11 on PC
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Hi Troia

When you try to download the 'Demo' version of X-Plane 11 from LR's website, do you get access to the following webpages:-