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I come from FSX where the ATC function works very well. Xplane is very confusing in that it sounds like the same voice on both sides of the conversation. It would be nice to have choices of male or female voices at either end as in FSX.
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If  it's only the sounds that you want to improve, you must be very happy with ATC in X-Planewink

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I am not happy at all with the atc function. It’s not only the funky voices of pilot and controller but lots of other things that are not at all realistic. For example, pop up ifr is almost impossible, final approaches don’t get handed off from approach control to tower and ground and many other strange occurrences that result in messages that instructions have been violated so you’re on your own. Quite disconcerting if you have been flying a real time xcountry and end up in limbo. Long story short: ATC function needs a lot of improvement to be usable. FSX much better in this respect.