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Bought a new computer both old and new run windows10 . How do I transfer my xplane11 and all my addons to the new computer. Can I use a usb stick or what do I need to do . Please and thank you .

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Since X-Plane doesnt write any registry files at all, you should be able to copy it to a large external drive and transfer it over. Use the same path, just incase your plugins have ini files specific to their location(s)

Give it a should work.


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Thanks for the help . But what if I don’t have a external hard drive . Can I get a usb stick .
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Its going have to be huge. Not sure about your plugins and custom scenery, but mine is around 63 gig. I suppose you could try doing it in pieces.

Sorry, best I can suggest for now
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Hi ........

I am not from Laminar Research;  just another flight simmer.

A USB stick is just another form of "external drive".

Provided you are not using the 3rd party hybrid called steam on your old computer X-Plane should be installed as C:\ x-plane or C:\user name\X-Plane  or on some other dedicated directory of your choice.  When you find it move your mouse cursor to that directory and right click on the directory.  Then from the displayed window move your cursor down and right click on properties.  The window that now appears will tell you how big the directory is. 

To then copy X-Plane to a USB drive, the USB drive needs to have a capacity in excess of the size of the X-Plane directory.

The largest size USB drive I can purchase down under is 128 GB.  If your directory is larger then you will most like have to copy as "Bits and Pieces" as RUSS has indicated above.

Good luck