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My xplane 11.32 keeps on crashing 20 to 30 minuets into the flight time.  I know it is not because of an update because it happened before I updated it.  Pleas help because it is so annoying when it crashes on a nice fun flight

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Hi Brenden

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but if you could upload your X-Plane 11 Log.txt file to this post, that would be great. After that, I and others with a broader knowledge base could look at it in an attempt to understand why your copy X-Plane 11.32 keeps crashing?

If you're not sure how to upload the file concerned, please click on the following link and view the instructional PowerPoint slides that I have prepared for this purpose:-

Furthermore, could you also confirm your PC specification?


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Same issue here. 11.32r2 crashes minutes into the game. mostly when using fmc or pressing "m" during flight