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X-Plane 11 has been completely installed from DVD. Directed to insert DVD 1 to unlock complete program. DVD 1 installed, not reading the product key.

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Hi Gimliglider,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer who has the disc version as well.

There is no product key with the disc version. Disc (DVD) 1 has to be installed/inserted in your DVD drive at all times.  Unlike the download version you do not have to be connected to the internet when running X-Plane.

I would suggest you insert the dvd into your PC before you boot-up X-Plane.  X-Plane should then search for the disc.  When found X-Plane should run.

Hope this helps.

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I'll try that Glenn, thanks. Are you using X-Plane 11? If yes, do you know why after the 6th DVD, the installation indicates completed, even though there are 2 other DVDs, 7 and 8?
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Yes I have XP11 discs as well as the XP10 discs.  Both versions installed on my PC.

There are two legal disc versions.  One version from Laminar Research and with the second version where Aerosoft has a licence to sell XP11 in Europe and the South Pacific Region.

I am not able to find my Aerosoft version at present so cannot provide an answer regarding discs 7 and 8.  What I do know is Aerosoft has provided an extra disc or discs with additional aircraft to install if they are your style of aircraft.

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I found my discs.  Discs 7 and 8 are scenery discs.

In your initial installation you had to select the scenery you wanted to install.  I would guess you did not select all of the scenery and the non-selected scenery is on discs 7 and 8.  Hence you were not asked to insert the discs.  Your full installation was subsequently shortened.

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Thanks Glenn. We  loaded only North American scenery.

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Glenn, re discs 7 and 8, if I wanted to add scenery from those discs, at a later time, how is that initiated? Hopefully not having to do a complete installation from square 1?