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This is related to the current version of X-Plane, 10.45.

I didn't find a way to select which gate or parking the aircraft is at, when using the quick start launcher.

For now, the user has to launch the simulator, which takes several minutes to load. If he enabled the quick start window, he will be able to select the airport only -- if not, this big loading time is for nothing, since it will have to re-load most of it to the desired airport. Only then can he select the proper starting position in the airport, and has to re-load a part of the environment.

It would be more convenient, and more sensible, to be able to select the airport AND gate/parking before loading the whole environment.

The same applies to the state of the aircraft. And also to the flight plan, too. In the current version, we can only set up the flight plan when contacting the ATC.

So in summary, it would make sense to be able to prepare what the simulation will do, before starting it and having to reload parts or setup parts again at the risk of unsettling some add-ons. Is there a way to do this, or would that be a good suggestion for a future version?

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You're correct in the limits of the current Quick Flight Screen. You can change the global parameters so that you always start at a gate or always start cold & dark in the Operations & Warnings screen. It is not currently possible to change it on a per flight basis before loading though.