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hi, i would like to star the the plane cold an dark but on gate, not on the end of the runway, i know how configurate the game to star cold an dark, but i cant start on gate. can somebody help me?



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Go to Settings > Operation and warnings. In the Startup box are options to start each flight on a ramp, or to start each flight cold & dark.
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hi jroberts

The thing is that I want to start at the gate(cold and dark), not at the end of the runway cold and dark!
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Check the box "Start each flight on a ramp".

Then you will start at a ramp. It will be the first ramp in the list in the Airport screen. If you want to start at a different one, you will have to pick it manually from the airport screen.
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But it doesn’t say startup and operations? I play on mobile can someone help
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There is no way to change the location to a ramp on the mobile app at this time.