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Not sure how to fix this flippy-floppy SF50 ruddervator problem in X-Plane 11.32r2. I recently switched from a Logitech Freedom 2.4 wireless joystick to a Thrustmaster HOTAS setup. I was frustrated with the huge yaw deadzone when taxiing, and I read that DataRefEditor should have a way to adjust the deadzone, but after I installed it, I saw that all the deadzones were already set to zero. Then I noticed that the brakes didn't work any more (good thing this VLJ coasts to a quick stop on the ground!), so I uninstalled it and restarted X-Plane, which gave back the brakes. I didn't notice this before, but now I've noticed in spot view on the ground, that the ruddervators are wildly swinging from left yaw to right yaw all the time, multiple times a second. They move quickly enough, that I guess the mass of this cool little jet aircraft filters out these wild aerodynamic inputs. Joystick calibration shows no yaw input, and I don't see any duplicate yaw controls in the joystick setup. Not sure how to search for that, but I'm pretty it's only the normal assignment to the twist grip. They seem to quiet down during flight...

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this? I've restarted multiple times. I have no extra plugins installed, after uninstalling DataRefEditor, and no extra aircraft or scenery. It's a plain vanilla install at this point, other than the updates Laminar has pushed out over the network, to get the version to 11.32r2.

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Hi Sumner,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Any "game stck" or controller that works with other "shoot-em-up" games or flight sim packages does not guarantee that it will work in X-Plane.  Most likely if it is a Saitek or Logitech item it will not.  Your controllers/hardware (all hardware) has to be installed through X-Plane.  No other way.  Not even through your operating system.  Have a look at the manual starting with this link found at  Read the chapter.

Now to fix your problem.

Get hold of some decent software that will remove directories and files from where you have attempted to setup your controller.  Remove all traces of any software you have used to set it up, including the additional add-on software (DataRefEditor).  

Then, if you have used discs then put them in the cupboard or more drastic in the bin never to be used again with X-Plane.  With the logitech software dig a hole and bury it. 

Now watch the following video links produced by Michael Brown from XForce PC.  Michael runs a business that builds PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  Laminar Research recommends this business as the only PC builder in the USA  for X-Plane.  The following links you need to watch can be found at  and also at

Watch the videos several times to understand what is happening.  Forget brands and what the item looks like.  You need to understand the process.  It will take some time.

Does your thrustmaster controller have two separate parts?  If it does then put one part aside. Now when you have a grasp of what is to happen connect one of the components to your PC and then turn it on; not before you connect the controller.  Then start X-Plane.  Don't select or configure any flights as yet.  What should happen is the PC and X-plane should recognise your controller and show an image.

Start the configuration process making sure you do not assign two or more buttons/levers/switches to the single process.  In reverse make sure you do not assign two or more processes to the same button.  When you are happy with the configuration give it a name.  Why?  By having a name you can configure the controller with several names for different aircraft without having to configure for each aircraft when selected for a flight.  A time saver.  Now shut down X-Plane and then your PC.  Then remove the controller.

The next step is then repeat the "total process" for the throttle control (if separate).

Repeat the process for any other hardware you wish to use as well.

When complete connect all of your hardware.  Turn on your PC and start X-Plane.  All should be recognised and now work.

You have been given the same advice as has been for others earlier in this forum.  If done properly then all should work.

Good luck and enjoy the flight experience.