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I have a late 2015 MacBook pro i5. When I play x-plane 11 with the default graphics settings, I'd be lucky to get 15 frames per second on the ground even at times 5-10,  when looking at ai aircraft it usually brings me down to 1 or 0, and about 20 when I'm in the air, even with all the settings at the lowest values, I get about 17 frames per second sitting on the runway. I tried different plugins that would fix the framerate, like flywithlua but none of them were successful, is it just my computer? Or am I doing something wrong? I haven't updated it or anything, the framerates have always been this terrible.


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Check your machine against X-Plane 11's system requirements. Then check out this section of the manual for steps on how to find the best settings for your particular machine. It includes a video that shows how to do it too.