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Anyone else noted this? Flying out of Burlington Int'l KBTV. Overall resource utilization is low to begin with, but I've seen the following...

OFF19 - 2228%36%
ON12 - 1516%24%

Computer utilization and frame rate both drop with an increase in loading - seems counter intuitive.

System: Asus Rampage V10 motherboard, i7-6850k uP, 32Gb DDR4, GTX-1080(2), 4K monitor, all SSD's, etc. All settings at max except alias at min.

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I think XP don't like dual GPUs.

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Not a direct answer to your question...but in the same vein.

I bought Gigabyte GTX 1080 - settings at 90% max - in 1080p resolution - i'm getting about 35-40 fps.

Is that normal???

I was really expecting something like 100+ at that rez.

Have a 4K monitor coming soon - i imagine that will be atrocious 10-15 fps.