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i have a high end computer  2070 graphics card  ,  xplane i just downloaded but the flight sim is wayyyyy too jittery for me to even enjoy            can u please help me     im not a computer engineer, so please help me

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Hi jeff2005alldone

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but by using the term 'jittery' I presume you are referring to a very low frame rate? Three questions therefore:-

1. Please confirm the hardware specification for the rest of your PC?

2. Have you installed the very latest nVidia drivers for your GTX2070 GPU?

3. Please confirm your graphic settings within X-Plane 11 as per the photo below?


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If the “jittering” you referring to is the jerky and stuttering rendering, then yes, I am noticing it as well.  Performance has apparently suffered in recent X-Plane releases (e.g. 11.32).  I think the continuous features and special effects additions have taken its toll.

I have a decent machine as well.  But lately when flying into airports with add-on sceneries, I commonly encounter jittering, worse when flying more complex aircraft.  You didn’t mention what CPU you have, but my guess is the jittering are CPU-related.  I found that tuning down the “Number of World Objects” helped, sadly!