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When i select clear in the weather selector. And then it switches back to overcast in a minute. Then i have to go and switch it back.
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Do you have "real weather" enabled? Also "please help" is not a good tag. Isn't it all about getting help?

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I have the same problem... Flying in the Patagonia..., or trying to do it, it's impossible!!!

I put my weather to Customize - Manually configured - Preset CAVOK. After DONE, Weather is Clear. Apply Changes. From the cabin I see the weather changes. Many clouds, etc... Back to Flight Configuration. Weather is Overcast... but I want it "Clear"... Do you now understand?

PS.- Using X-Plane 11.36r2 with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on an iMac 27 inch, 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7

PS2.- On the other side, the updated Cessna 172SP is great!!!

PS3.- It's not the X-Plane's update, but the Python scripts Noaa Weather!!!